PAZAR Webinars

November 24, 2009Introduction to new data and modifications in the JASPAR and PAZAR resources [Streaming Video]
January 11, 2012Depositing ChIP-Seq identified regions: sharing your data with collaborators or the world [Streaming Video]
Summary: A guide for scientists with ChIP-Seq "peaks" who would like to share the data with collaborators or the general public. A convenient means to share the results of ChIP-Seq experiments described in research publications.
Download powerpoint slides (Slide 7 corrected: 80,000 genes, not 3,000)
January 18, 2012TFBS motif enrichment analysis [Streaming Video]
Summary: An introduction to the identification of TFBS patterns enriched within a set of genes or sequences, focusing on the latest version of the oPOSSUM so ftware system. The system supports the analysis of sequences arising from ChIP-Seq experiments.
Download powerpoint slides
January 25, 2012Accessing and extracting ChIP-Seq and TF-gene interactions from the PAZAR database [Streaming Video]
Summary: An explanation and guide for users seeking large amounts of ChIP-Seq data for computational analysis. The presentation will focus on efficient mean s to access data from the PAZAR database.
Download powerpoint slides